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Team Building UK Activities & Events

Team building activities can strengthen communication skills, increase staff morale and improve internal relationships. The term "teambuilding" covers a wide range of event objectives and solutions. From a light-hearted treasure hunt, to a carefully monitored and debriefed training game, we offer the full range of team building events. Please click on the list for more details on the following team-based events or make an enquiry now with our team building events enquiry form.



From:£2000 + £30 per delegate   Group size:15-1000

team building events thumbnailOften one of the hardest challenges for employees and managers alike is to stand back and look at the bigger picture. When somebody does, it enables him or her to see where they fit within the organisation and appreciate how colleagues operate and co.....

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Building for Success

From:£2000 + £45 per delegate   Group size:15-200

team building events thumbnailChange is something that not only has to be overcome but also embraced in order to move forward. Building For Success has been designed specifically to simulate a changing business environment that encourages teams to make informed decisions in order.....

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Clued Up

From:£ Dependant on timings and numbers   Group size:20-100

team building events thumbnailBased around the ever-popular board game Cluedo and very different to traditional murder mysteries, this concept provides a mix of mental challenges and physical activities. There has been a murder most horrid and the top names in forensic medicin.....

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Cook Asian

From:£95 per delegate   Group size:20 - 200

team building events thumbnailCook Asian is a three-hour workshop on cooking, presenting and serving Asian food. It begins with an interactive demonstration followed by a hands-on creative experience and ends with a three-course meal. Cook Asian is presented by restaurateur, i.....

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Create It

From:£4,500    Group size:10-200

team building events thumbnailA hands-on experience that gives participants the opportunity to learn the skills involved in a range of different creative activities all relating to preparing the perfect party. Following a brief demonstration from our experts, each team will be.....

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Everest Challenge

From:£4000 + £35 per delegate   Group size:20-200

team building events thumbnailIn 1988, Stephen Venables became the first Briton to ascend the summit of Mount Everest without bottled oxygen. Stephen reached the summit of Mount Everest alone but achieving this was by no means a one-man expedition. Many people worked as a team in.....

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Go Green

From:£2500 + £30 per delegate   Group size:15-1000

team building events thumbnailGo Green is one of our new team building activities, which encourages groups to engage with issues of environmental sustainability whilst experiencing a hands-on, informative and rewarding team building game. The aim of the challenge is to raise awar.....

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Going for Gold

From:£1500 + £40 per delegate   Group size:15-200

team building events thumbnailSuccess in sport has often been used as a metaphor for success in the workplace. There are few people that know more about both than the Gold Medallist turned motivational speaker, Roger Black MBE. Roger’s personal experiences from the British Re.....

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High Roller

From:£2000 + £30 per delegate   Group size:30-200

team building events thumbnailA truly networked team is one that works together towards a common purpose, with members interacting at different levels and sharing knowledge, resource & skills. High Roller has been built around these principles and provides a fun environment in wh.....

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Knockout Tournament

From:£2000 + £40 per delegate    Group size:10-500

team building events thumbnailIf you're thinking "It's a Knockout", think again. Knockout Tournaments are more than just a spectator sport. This totally involving event has something to get everyone going, with a great range of fun, visual, weird & whacky games, entertaining comp.....

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On Location

From:£2000 + £45 per delegate   Group size:10-250

team building events thumbnailSo who are the budding movie directors in your company? http://www.debastos.com/sessions/. Who's got star quality? Can everyone from the 'camera shy' to the 'extroverts' pull together to produce a potentially award-winning movie? On Location is a .....

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Sports Day

From:£2000 + £15 per delegate   Group size:10-500

team building events thumbnailRe-live or rewrite your past school sports day glories. Guests are allocated their ‘class’ and compete head to head in fun and interactive challenges. Challenges range from traditional relay races to 3-legged cocktail races where guests are tied to e.....

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Spy School

From:£7500   Group size:30-200

team building events thumbnailThis is a challenging event with a clear goal. Each team's goal is to qualify for 007 status. A glamorous life awaits those that succeed, for those that fail a boring life of bureaucracy looms! To become 00 rated the teams must train in un-armed comb.....

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The Chase

From:£8,000   Group size:20-100

team building events thumbnailAn inspiring, adrenaline filled, action-packed day for clients or staff alike. http://www.oagq.qc.ca/documents/. Armed with a map, satellite navigation, two-way radio, a baffling clue book and a lunch hamper, teams set out from HQ in 4x4s. They must .....

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This is your Life

From:£ Dependant on location and time required   Group size:Any

team building events thumbnailAn exciting way to give your colleagues and friends a good send off! We work with you to collect anecdotes and photos to put together a biography of the person for the evening. We consult with colleagues past and present, family members and friend.....

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Treasure Hunts

From:£1500 + £20 per delegate   Group size:10-200

team building events thumbnailIn the last 2 years we have successfully delivered over 100 Treasure Hunts for our clients and what makes them so effective, memorable and fun is that they are always specially scripted for the individual client. They can be set almost anywhere, c.....

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We have a wide selection of party and event venues from Aacademic to Sports stadia, perfect for any party, event or special occasion. View our Events and party venues page for the all options.

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